This research was conducted in laboratory cage experiments and animal nutrition and food workshops beef cattle research center for research and development department of animal husbandry farms, Grati-Pasuruan from 28 November 2009 to 2 March 2010. Research purposes to measure the effect of copra meal replacement with palm kernel cake on the digestibility Ongole young females.

Material used is 16 tail Ongole (PO) young females aged 15 months with initial body weight of 180.38 ±27.85 kg, 16 units of 2.88 m2 wide individual cages equipped with a feed and drinking water. Feed used is rice straw and concentrate (which consists of coarse bran, cassava, palm kernel cake, copra meal, molasses, lime and salt). Research method is experimental in vivo, with a completely randomized design (RAK), which consists of 4 treatments and 4 groups of cattle based on initial body weight. P1 = treatments consisted of rice straw and concentrate (18% copra and palm kernel cake 0%), P2 = rice straw and concentrate (12% copra and palm kernel cake 6%), P3 = (6% and copra meal 12% palm kernel), P4 = (0% copra and palm kernel cake 18%). Variable measured the nutrient content of feed includes dry matter (DM), crude protein (CP), fatty gauze (LK), crude fiber (SK), extract materials without nitrogen (BETN), organic matter (OM) digestibility BK (KcBK ), PK (KcPK), LK (KcLK), SK (KcSK), BETN (KcBETN), BO (KcBO), Digestible DM intake (KBKT), PK (KPKT), LK (KPLK), SK (KPSK), BETN (KBETNT), BO (KBOT). Research results showed that the replacement of copra meal with palm kernel cake on the digestibility and consumption of undigested no significant (P> 0.05).

Based on the description above can be concluded that the use of copra meal can be replaced with palm kernel cake for up to 18% of the total concentrate feed is prepared on a young female cow PO. Copra meal replacement if needed with palm kernel cake, it can be advisable to replace up to 18% of the total concentrate prepared.


Key words : Copra cake, palm kernel cake, consumption, digestibility and Ongole


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Didik Kusuma Hadi

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